Thursday 12 May 2016

What's The Goss? The Golden Collection First Release

The Golden Collection Update

It's ever so close and we are starting to get really excited! Our Golden Collection will be released on Monday the 16th of May at 10am AEST online and IN STORE!! Yes that's right, we will be opening our Chermside store on the same morning! #CANTEVENDEAL

Here are a few things you need to know.....

Our Chermside store is located next to David Jones in Westfield Chermside.
The store will not be open to the public until 10am.
Early VIP access will be online only and not in store.
VIP early access will be from 9:30am on the day of release online only.
VIP's will be sent their website passcode via email any time from 9am.
The passcode will only work from 9:30am - 10am.
From10am the website will go live to the general public.

Now for a stock update.....

Over the past few months we have had quite a few hiccups with deliveries. Due to circumstances beyond our control we have not received all of the Golden Collection stock for launch. Trust us when we say, we are as devastated as you are! BUT... there is always an upside, we do have most of the collection and this just means we get to have 2 collection drops! YAY! Please find a list below of what pretties will be available for purchase for the first drop of the Golden Collection this Monday the 16th of May at 10am AEST.

  • Eloise dress
  • Birdie blouse
  • Harriette blouse
  • Jose collar top
  • Connie blouse
  • Eloise blouse
  • Patty puckers
  • Pip suspender bloomers
  • Georgie cordoroy skirt
  • Luna suspender skirt
  • Jeans
  • Fleur shorts
  • All Eloise accessories + Kits
  • All Harriette accessories + Kits 
  • All Josey accessories + Kits
  • All Connie accessories + Kits
  • All Patty accessories INCLUDING suspenders 
  • All Pip accessories + Kits
  • All Luna accessories + Kits
  • All Fleur accessories

As soon as the next drop is ready we will be sure to let everyone know.

Nik + Bec



  1. When will the look book be available online? Sizing guides would be awesome.

    1. The lookbook is available online now. Here is the link: Our sizing for the new collection is true to size. Unless stated on the product all items will be true to size. LL love xx

  2. Will VIP people get a a second code for the second drop?

  3. what do the following look like? It is unclear from the names on what the items look like

    •Eloise dress
    •Birdie blouse
    •Harriette blouse
    •Jose collar top
    •Connie blouse
    •Eloise blouse
    •Patty puckers
    •Pip suspender bloomers
    •Georgie cordoroy skirt
    •Luna suspender skirt
    •Fleur shorts

    1. Hello, all these items are located in our lookbook. Here is the link to our online lookbook:

  4. will we find out prices so we can decide on our pieces ?

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