Tuesday 31 January 2017

Brand Rep Beauty | Lola

Ohhh Lola. There's just something special about you, you're destined for big things!! Lola can light up any room she is in, without even realising it. Lola's been a part of the LL family for many years now as a brand rep, model and all-round Lacey Lane superstar!

Here's a little bit more about our gal, Lola.

How old is Lola? 
Lola is 5 years old.

Describe Lola's personality in 3 words
Haha is that 3 words? Without a doubt Lola is easygoing, our entertainer, but most of all she is kind.

What is Lola's favourite Lacey Lane style to wear?
To be honest I think Lola would wear anything Lacey Lane! She loves her Whimsy dress for that spin factor (what girl doesn't!!) and most definitely her Lola dress! It just goes with everything! You can dress it with a cool pair of Stan smith trainers or a simple pair of salty sandals and it just works!!

What does Lola love doing on the weekend? 
I asked Lola this and she replied 'I like to have fun!' It's summer over here so having fun right now would have to be swimming. She truly thinks she's a mermaid! No lie!!

What is her favourite flavour of ice cream?
Her favourite ice cream flavour would have to be strawberry. She would choose fruity over chocolate any day!

What is your one styling tip for our Lacey Lane community?
I love keeping things looking effortless and understated. It's really hard to pull back and not put everything on your child especially when you absolutely love everything but the idea is not look like you tried. Mix it up a little. Try pairing a floral fairy dress with a pair of trainers or a simple t- shirt with the suspender skirt. Try mixing old with new ;)

Here are some of our all-time fave photos of Lola shot by her ever-talented mama Esther. Follow them on insta - you won't regret it @chamila97



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