Tuesday 7 February 2017

Brand Rep Beauty | Olivia + Adele

Miss Olivia and Adele have been part of the Lacey Lane clan for a few years now. We absolutely love watching our LL family grow and looking back on their styling journeys.

Olivia and Adele have recently become big sisters to Penelope, who is such a doll! Their mama, Justine, styles these gals (and their rooms!) to perfection - be sure to follow her on Insta for a dose of fashion inspo @justyolive.

How old are your Lacey Laners? 
Olivia is 7. Adele is 5. Penelope is 8 weeks!

Describe their personality in 3 words
Olivia is sweet, caring and a professional chocolate sneaker. 
Adele is extremely loving, kind and think's she is a comedian, which is pretty funny. 
Penelope is a party animal, lover of late nights and extremely cheerful.

What are their favourite Lacey Lane style to wear?
Olivia's favourite Lacey Lane item is definitely fairy dresses, Adele's is a Whimsy dress for the spin factor of course, and Penelope - she's a fan of the headscarfs.

What do your girls love doing on the weekend? 
I asked the girls what they love to do on the weekends and Olivia's answer is go to the beach! She's a barefoot beach bum through and through. Adele's answer was to swim in her cousin's pool. And Penelope's dream weekend would be having an end-less milk bar on tap. Along with the occasional tickle from her big sisters.

What is their favourite flavour of ice cream?
Olivia's favourite flavour is chocolate and Adele's is bubblegum. I will get back to you on Penelope's answer in a couple years.

What is your one styling tip for our Lacey Lane community?
My one styling tip is to not be afraid to clash prints like a pro. You won't know how cute it is until you try it!

And here's a collection of ours (and Justine's!) favourite snaps over the years. 




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