Friday 23 January 2015

Weigh in #2

Last week was testing to say the least! I succumb to the convenience and deliciousness of holiday food!!!
Bec, Myself, the three girls and our favourite photographer Vikki went to Tangalooma Island Resort for a 3 day photo shoot. We were busy shooting at one location to the next.... My Food choices were poor and once I failed the first time it was all down hill from there.
I said to myself "today doesn't count" to make it ok to join the kids in a delightful mint choc chip ice cream waffle cone.
Then the next day I found myself saying to Bec "oh well I already stuffed up yesterday" so I continued on the self sabotage path, that seemed to be all too familiar to me.
I ended up coming home from a 3 day trip to find I was 1.5kg heavier than before I left. I was so mad at myself!
You see I am a giant yo yo dieter and this is why:
I go hard the first 2 weeks and lose heaps of weight, I then think I deserve a treat and throw it all away. I think the best way for me to describe myself is I am like a junk food junkie! If I had a little nibble of a whopper junior you would probably need to pry it from my dead hand to get it off me.
I like to blame my love of food on my heritage, being of spanish descent I was raised with my grandmother saying to me "eat eat muneca pro favour" while I sat in front a plate of food bigger than my head. Really though I think its just bad habits that I have created and can't blame it on anyone but myself.

So here I am, after a week of falling off the wagon and getting back on with only 3 days to go before weigh in. I am crossing my fingers and toes that I have not put on weight. Watch my video below to find out how I went.
Quick note: I had to squeeze in my video somewhere so used hands free on my way to the gold coast. Also the other video with Emmi-Belle in the car I was pulled over on the side of the road. FYI ;)

Since I had a really bad few days of eating I knew i would need to be super strict to try and not let the "food hiccup" ruin last weeks hard work. Here are a couple of low calorie meals and snacks that I found out and about while grocery shopping.

If you are anything like me you will love your snacks. I could just live of snacks and never have a proper meal, so I find it really hard to stop myself from picking and snacking all day long. Celery and salsa are my new best friends! Only 8 calories per 100gm of celery and salsa ranging from 15-30 calories depending on the brand or how you make it. All up its an extremely low calorie snack for morning tea or afternoon tea.

I am not a huge fan of frozen or pre made bought dinners but these Coles cuisine dinners are an exception. In my house most dinner times involve, a meal for Emmi-Belle, a meal for the rest of the family and a low calorie dinner for myself. On top of getting home around 6:30, bath time and getting ready for bed, this whole low calorie eating is creating more work than I wanted... Until I found these little babies! The roast chicken dinner has 328 calories and is actually delicious. Thats less calories than most of the light and easy meals. They also have a chicken wrapped in proscuitto meal which is 327cal. I have had a quick look through the other meals they have and these were the lowest calorie options I found. Perfect to keep in the fridge for when you just can't be bothered cooking or preparing.

Images from TheKitchnn
This is the simplest healthiest ice-cream I have ever heard of! 
Step 1: freeze your overripe bananas.
Step 2: blend your frozen bananas with a teaspoon of milk/almond milk
Step 3: Enjoys your banana ice cream!
Its so good and you can change it up by adding nuts or cocoa powder or cinnamon.
One medium banana is aprox 91cal

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