Tuesday 23 June 2015

Look out world, here we come!!

In our crazy world that is Lacey Lane who would have thought that in the past 15 months we have moved out of our home studios, into an office space, out of the office into a warehouse, open our first brick and mortar store and now looking at acquiring a United States despatch centre… Yep you heard me Lacey Lane is coming to the US of A!!
Now, to all of our Aussie fans - don’t freak out! We wont be leaving you. We will simply be expanding our team to be able to ship world wide at a faster and more reliable rate. Our next goal is to set up a distribution and customer care hub in America and to do so we need to make a few exciting new changes…

Bec has been working tirelessly on a fancy shmancy new website to suit our international customers, their opposite seasons and economy.  With products styled for summer and a currency converter for practically any country to able to purchase in their own dollaries! Due to the nature of the website, much like most other online stores, we have had to choose a conversion that will stay the same even when the currencies fluctuate. This means your price will always be the same and there will be no confusion when checking out. Both sites will be available to all countries and everyone is more than welcome to try purchasing from which ever site they feel.

To our regular customers, it will be a little different at first but you will get used to it in no time. The exciting thing is we are looking at the big picture and preparing for it now. Once we get the Lacey Lane HQ setup in the US, we will separate stock inventories, shipments, orders etc and this is why we have setup the new website this way.

I wanted to give you guys as much info as possible, so I have come up with a few questions you might have and have answered them the best I can…

Q: I am in Australia, can I purchase on the international site even though it’s in US currency? 
A: You surely can! Simply go to the top of the website and select your preferred currency - this will convert the USD prices to your chosen currency and give you an idea of how much it costs (please note you will still checkout and pay in USD). Also, please be aware that depending on the US dollar rate at the time the prices may be different to the Aussie Lacey Lane website and your bank may charge you a conversion fee as you will be checking out in USD.
Q: I am in NOT in Australia, can I still purchase from the AU site? 
A: Yes you can :) Unfortunately though there is no currency converter on the AU site so you will not know the true price until you get to check out. Please be aware also that your bank may charge you a conversion fee as you will be paying in AUD.
Q: Will there be different designs on the websites?
A: Most of the stock will be the same but styled to suit the climate. There will, however, occasionally be a different design on there that may not be available on the other site, for example: We might put a winter Mystery box on the AU site and a Summer box on the international site. We might do a 4th of July dress on the international site and an Australia day outfit on the AU site.

Q: When will you be setting up in the States?
A: At this stage, we are simply getting our backend systems ready. Once we are confident, we will head on over and look for real-estate to set ourselves up. At this stage all stock will still be sent from Australia.

Q: Can I get a job at the US headquarters??
A: OMG!!! We will definitely be looking for staff and hey, if you know our product like the back of your hand then once we are set up we welcome you to apply :)

Q: Can I combine my loyalty points from both sites?? 
 A: Nope, sorry. Each sites gift vouchers, discount codes, loyalty points, login details and certain garment styles are unique to each site and will NOT work across both sites. Please keep this in mind when shopping.

Q: Can I combine my orders from both sites??
A: No can do. Again, orders are unique to each site and therefore cannot be combined.

Once again, thank you all for your support and encouragement. We are so excited to see where this next 15 months takes us!!!!!
If you have any other questions please feel free to write them below and I will try my best to answer them.

Nik and Bec xx

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