Monday 28 September 2015

That "A" Word!

It's 6.30pm Sunday night, kids have just gone to bed, ahhhh finally some relaxation time, ME TIME! While I sit in silence sipping my Tutti fruity herbal tea I start thinking & planning out our week ahead.

See my son J has that "A" word! That "A" word that had taken me nearly 12months to accept and ohh the tears I shed! I felt like that damn "A" Word had robbed me! I had to accept that J was going to be and do things a little different. Honestly for the first 2 years my husband and I thought everything was rainbows and unicorns!
It actually was great! Being parents was the best job in the world, we had it in the bag!! (Still is the best job in the world). Being a parent is stressful, exhausting, tiring yet so rewarding!  J reached all his milestones, first word was mum #winning!! But as time went on we started noticing things, first was the lining up of his treasured Thomas trains, he would upturn his trucks and spin & spin & spin & spin those wheels, we originally thought it was a little funny, we started to notice he was sensitive to loud noises and would get very distraught, speech was very limited, oh and food... gosh, well that to this day is still a work in progress.
He is still extremely fussy, that comes down to sensory issues. It's been a nightmare! But hey if you said let's go to Maccas he'd definitely be up for that no worries! Argh going out in public, that was so scary I can laugh about it now but goodness me the stress I endured, the extra grey hairs I could of done without!! Yes I was one of those crazy ladies trying to get in and get the hell out without J having a meltdown, I really didn't like going out in public for a long time. Since getting diagnosed with the "A" word EVERYTHING must be planned ahead and explained to him so he knows exactly what to expect, ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE! But you know some days just don't go to plan and basically that's it, it's a meltdown! In saying this though we are learning more & more and learning how to deal with it, deal with him. J is so special. He's unique, loving, caring, funny, sensitive, inquisitive, CHEEKY, fearless, strong willed, determined, smart, good looking, if I must say so myself, he has killer eyelashes that most women envy…. and you know what… he's mine all mine!!!
Ok ok I do have to share him with daddy, nan & pop! I'm very lucky that I have my parents close by they are a HUGE help! J started main stream school this year how exciting, we are lucky we have a great support network at school and the teachers have been great! We are currently getting heIp from a Speechy and OT & plenty of help from Autism QLD. I realise J is going to struggle and yes it's going to be hard on him but I truly believe he will achieve great things in life. Let's be honest, he has the best team cheering him on! Well that's us, a quick little look into a small part of our journey, I'm sure it will have a few more ups and downs along the way but it will be an amazing ride. J's Mum xx

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