Monday 14 September 2015

Through Her Eyes

Rabbits, dogs, butterflies and snails,
Tree's, birds and the sound of wind when it wails.
Water and how it can freeze into ice,
These are all things that I find nice.
I don't care much for dolls but my teddies are real,
And compared to most toys I love how they feel.

I struggle with certain smells or colours of food,
Too much on my plate at once I find really crude.
Tags on my clothes and socks on my feet,
All bothers me if it's not soft and sits neat!
The car is far from my favorite place,
And I'm upset easily by water on my head and my face.

I have many questions about things I can't see,
About what's under skin and inside of me.
My muscles, my spit, my blood and my veins,
Where my lunch went and why we need brains?

I talk alot and I forget to listen,
One day I know I'll see what I'm missing.
I love my friends playing by my side,
If they wear a hoodie I may take a ride.
I have enough social skills to get me by,
But not enough yet to understand your cry.

My parents know that whatever I wish I'll be able,
And definitely don't feel that I need a label.
However some need to see that I just need some space,
A little more time to pick up my pace.
I am what I am and I'm not what I isn't....
I've recently been diagnosed with a gift called Autism.
Written by : Samantha Campbell


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