Tuesday 7 February 2017

Meet the Muse | Taleah + Emmi-Belle

Nikki is one-half of the sister duo behind Lacey Lane and her girls Taleah and Emmi-Belle, along with Bec's two gals, are the inspiration behind the label.

Here's a little bit more about Nikki's gorgeous daughters, Taleah and Emmi-Belle!

How old are your Laners?
Taleah is 6 and Emmi-Belle is 5

Describe their personality in 3 words:
Unique, beautiful, loving

What is their favourite Lacey Lane style to wear?
Emmi-Belle rocks the brother dresses and Taleah loves shorts and puckers so she can handstand, cartwheel and dance until her heart is content.

What do they love doing on the weekend?
Emmi-Belle loves going to the park or the pool and Taleah loves anything as long as it is with her Mamma.

What is their favourite flavour of ice cream?

T loves bubblegum and Em likes anything on a stick lol.

What is your one styling tip for our Lacey Lane community?
Pull those pants up high and proud! ♡

Follow Nik and her life as co-owner of Lacey Lane/entrepreneur/singer and mumma on Instagram @nikki_laceylane



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