Friday 10 February 2017

FREE PRINTABLE | Valentine's Day Cards

We were feeling lovey dovey with Valentine's day just around the corner, so we made up a few cards, perfect for the occasion.

A few soppy song lyrics can sometimes be the best way to express your love for that special someone. While you're printing, addressing and gifting the card you probably won't be able to stop signing Whitney Houston's, I will always love you. If you can resist, you're a lot stronger than all of us here in the LL office. We also wanted to make a card that our little could give their daddies for Valentine's day. It might bring a tear to dad's eye when he's picturing his little girl growing up, so have the tissues ready.

It's super easy to pass these cards on. All you have to do is save the freebie images below, print on nice thick card, trim and fold. We hope you enjoy x

Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards by Lacey Lane
Simply save the image below, print, cut and fold. DONE!
Emma xo


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