Tuesday 28 March 2017

Get To Know The Team | Meet Trace + Margie |

Meet the Lacey Lane warehouse ladies! 
Tracy (aka. Aunty Trace) and Margie (aka. Mamma Lane).

Sister duo Trace and Margie joined our team back in 2015 bringing their 'not afraid to get dirty' work ethic with them. When they are not playing hopscotch on the warehouse floor, they are sweating it out packing up a storm. They take so much pride in their work and it really does show. Wrapping and twining orders and personalised hand written note are just a couple finishing touches these ladies bring to the table. Not to mention they dominate on release days!  Let me tell you, these ladies get shit done! 

Margie, our Mother dearest is a Mum to 3 and a grandma to 7. On her weekends you would find her slogging it out in the garden with her puppy Izzy by her side or sewing up a story in her quilting room. 

Tracy, or as we call her Aunty Trace is also a Mum to 3 and very soon to be a GRANDMA!!! Eeeeeeep!! Our cousin Steph is Due on Monday to be precise so we are all very excited to meet their little man. On the weekends you would find Trace working on her house or just enjoying some family time. 


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