Monday 20 May 2013

The LL Journey

Where we've been, where we are & where we're going….
I guess our dream was always clear. We wanted to build Lacey Lane into a brand that would be recognised nationally & internationally, stocked in well known chain stores and looked at as a one-of-a-kind label and featured in Childrens fashion magazines worldwide.  Lets be honest… the dream isn't a small one.
We have been running for nearly 3 years now. We have learnt a lot, gained a lot, lost a lot and are finally getting into the swing of things. We are so grateful and proud that our small business that was built from the dirt under our nails has grown to the point of throwing us into a cross-road.
We are now at the stage where we cannot physically keep up with the demand of orders. We both work 7 days a week, most days starting at 3:30am and ending well past our hopeful bed time. We have 2 wonderful local machinists which help lighten the load but its simply not enough. Don't get us wrong, our business is booming and we love it but it's not always rainbows & lollipops. Its a simple equation:
Time spent on the business = time lost with our babies
And while we're being honest, an emotional break down due to the Guilt Card is a regular occurrence in the studio. I mean, where do our priorities lie? We're missing the precious moments with our kids that we will never get back. So do we throw away a business that could give our children a better future?!

We have to keep thinking and focusing on our dream so what is there to do?…
Sure, in a perfect world we would love to keep the business in Australia and find a manufacturer here without any faults that is affordable and can take Lacey Lane to where we envision it to be… but through countless attempts, dead-end meetings, waist of time samples we knew exactly what we had to do.
Take the plunge…
Over the past few months it has been a roller coaster of emotions as we have worked our butts off looking for an offshore manufacturer and have finally found one that is above and beyond our standards. Wati, the owner of the factory in Indonesia, is absolutely lovely. We have built a strong relationship with her which has allowed us to be 100% involved with every little detail in the production process. We were not willing to compromise our morals and when Wati walked us through the factory everything just felt right.
Us being control freaks, have decided to provide ALL fabrics and supplies to the factory to ensure the utmost quality is reached. As lovely as it would be to get our entire collection created offshore it is simply not a viable option for us at this point in time so we will only be organising selected designs to be made OS. Over all the outlay will be more for us but at the end of the day we cannot put a price tag on the time we will make up with our children.
So this is the road we are taking and are soooooo excited to say the least. We understand we have a large following of HHL's (Hardcore Handmade Lovers) and we just hope that you can all understand our reasons for taking this step and continue the journey with us.
Much love
Nik & Bec

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