Friday 16 January 2015

It's weigh in time!!

I have been hanging out for this day for the last 2 weeks! Weigh in day! I am nervous yet excited, I am crossing my fingers and toes that I pull a big number this week as I am starting to really feel myself loosing motivation. I can confidently say I have  been working my butt off and watching everything I have put in my mouth.
I have found a couple of new best friends along the way.. My fitness pal AND
Try and Triumph Personal Training!
Check them out on Facebook, Instagram: tryandtriumph_  Phone Jack: 0416684937
Jack from Try and Triumph has been a pushing and motivating me like crazy over the last week and the results prove it! I have been training in group sessions with other mums and ladies trying to achieve similar goals and we all help push each other through the sessions. It is actually so much fun and it gets me up and pumped for the day. If any one on the north side of Brissy is interested in joining me in the group sessions Jack is doing a deal for Lacey Lane Mummas.
$10 a session (normally $12) or
$80 for 10 sessions ( normally $120)
Just mention the blog to get the deal :)

My fitness Pal:
This app is AMAZING! I can keep track off all the calories I am eating and make sure I don't go over my daily goal. I can add in my exercise which will give me an aprox on how many calories I have burnt that day. What's even better is you can create your own recipes and search practically any food to find out the nutrition content. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to loose weight downloading this app and giving it a go. Its free from the App store so you have nothing to loose. Also you can follow your friends and watch their progress which keeps you motivated as they can see your progress as well.
If you want to follow me on My fitness Pal my account name is nikkileebowling.
So here is my first weigh in Video Blog!!

Here are some meal ideas I came up with this week as I was searching for low low calories lunches/snacks and dinners.

Home made tomato and basil soup only 40 calories per serve!

Apple Chips
I am a snacker and these were perfect for that! Aprox 60 calories per serve (one whole apple)
these were really yum.  Recipe from Paleo Grubs Note: you have to cook them on a very low temp and for a while in the oven. My first batch was on too high and burnt lol!
Salt and Pepper Squid Salad.
I made this last night and holy shamoly it was awesome!
Baby Spinach, cherry toms, cuey, spanish onion and John West salt and peper Squid from Coles.
This huge serve came in at just under 200 Calories!


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