Tuesday 6 January 2015

Spreading the LL Love xx

Throughout December one of our amazing Lacey Lane groups Lacey Lane Brag And Chat started a beautiful fundraiser for an amazing charity. One of the ladies Christine Clifford came up with the idea of collecting headscarfs from members and donating them to the Kids with Cancer Foundation. Christine and the admins from the Brag and Chat page (Kelly Paterson, Kara Gergely-Hollai and Eleni Theodoulou) asked us if we would like to jump on board and of course we said yes. We offered the incentive to match how ever many headscarfs the members of the page would donate to the charity. After a couple of weeks the ladies had gathered together 300 headscarfs and $400 to donate to the Kids with Cancer Foundation. We thought we would better our first incentive and doubled the stakes, donating an extra 600 headscarfs.
This gave us a total of 900 Headscarfs and $400 to give to the charity coming to a total value of $9,400!!!
Christine and Kara spent hours beautifully packing the headscarfs into little gift packs.

The headscarfs and cash were soon after, taken to the Foundation by Kara to be distributed to the little ladies.

Kara with Vanessa from the foundation. 
The Headscarfs were sent out to 7 different hospitals around Australia and given to 300 little girls. Each little girl received 3 headscarfs and a little inspirational note. We are so humbled to be a part of such an amazing and generous community. A massive thank you to all that donated and put in the time and effort to make this donation happen. 

GO TEAM!!! Here is a list of all involved. What a great way to finish a great year. xx 

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