Wednesday 10 June 2015

Caring for your Lacey Lane

So you've just invested in some cute-to-boot Lacey Lane outfits and you're wondering, how do I make sure I keep these beauties in perfect condition?! 
Special thanks needs to go out to one of our lovely LL mummas and long time customers (who is also known as the "stain queen!"). She has imparted her knowledge so we can share her tips and tricks on how to care for your Lacey Lane.

Washing your Lacey lane for the first time I highly recommend washing separately the first time. I find a quick wash or rinse cycle works great! You can also add a teaspoon of pepper to your wash to stop any colour run, alternatively you can purchase colour run pads and add to your wash.
Basic washing careI recommended using Omo to wash your Lacey Lane. Any stains or spots can generally be removed using some washing up liquid or sunlight soap.
The "S" word we all fear; stains! ARGHH!

The first rule of removing stains is not to freak out! As long as you know what the stain is there is almost always a way to remove it, so here are a few tips and tricks to keep your Lacey Lane looking as stunning as the day you bought it.
The most important tip is not to let the stain dry or use hot water as it will set the stain and make it harder and sometimes impossible to remove. If you can, gently dab with baby wipes or spot clean using soda water.

Tomato sauce stains - all acid-based food stains need the same process; cold wash and hang it in the sun to dry right. The stain will disappear right before your eyes as the fabric drys.

Nail polish - easy peasy just use nail polish remover and rinse the spot well. You may need to repeat until the polish is completely gone. If you're having trouble, you can always use some acetone from your local hardware - remember though, it's a paint remover so use it sparingly and away from the kiddies, but basically it's just super strong nail polish remover.

Grease - good old washing up liquid and a little warm water should do the trick. If not, you can use a degreaser; simply spray on and wash as normal.

Mould - soak in water with a cup of white vinegar for a few hours, then wash. Pop another cup of white vinegar into the wash cycle. Dry in the sun. This may need to be repeated depending on the level of mould.

Ink - good old hairspray will do the trick! Spray on, leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse. Again, you may need to repeat for tough ink stains.

Paint - use rubbing alcohol. Wet the spot completely with the rubbing alcohol and use a spoon or similar to scrape off the paint.

Felt pen - again rubbing alcohol or even hand sanitizer will work. Rub on liberally and rinse off with water. Repeat if needed.
Ironing your Lacey Lane
A warm iron is great. I recommend ironing your items inside out and placing a towel over any lace to protect it from the iron. Alternatively, you can purchase a silicon ironing pad to place over the lace, but the towel is just as affective and saves your dollars so you can buy more Lacey Lane ;)
Dying your Lacey Lane
I recommend you follow all instructions on your choice of dye to a tee, make sure you have every thing you need before you start the process, especially a pair of gloves! I recommend Rit dye.

Have any of your own tips and tricks to share? Post them in the comments below, you may just help another Laner mum!

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