Friday 18 March 2016

Freebie Friday | Printable Bunny Ears - Perfect for Easter!

We've been getting into the Easter spirit lately (hellooooo chocolate eggs!) and created these cute-to-boot ears for the girls... they just adored them! Ru has worn hers around the house for a couple of days now. It's the cutest thing.

Why not help your little Laner make some bunny ears to wear? Here's how...
  1. Save the two printable images below and print them both onto nice card, as thick as your printer will take.
  2. Cut out the ears and two band pieces.
  3. Stick the two band pieces together to create one long band. Measure this around your Laner's head and stick to fit.
  4. Attach the ears with tape to the inside of the band. Depending on the cardboard you use, you may want to strengthen with skewers (blunted of course!) or paddle pop sticks.


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