Tuesday 17 January 2017

Brand Rep Beauty | Aria

We LOVE our gorgeous brand reps and want you to get to know them too. Aria and her mama Melany are based in upstate New York and we absolutely love seeing their seasonal styling to share with other international mamas.

You can follow Aria and Melany on Instagram @klink5 for regular doses of LL outfit inspo! 

Melany has recently added another Laner to her beautiful family, Prim, and she is oh so divine ♡

Here's a little bit more about Aria:

How old is Aria? 
Aria is 5 years old, and our new Laner Prim is 2.5 months old :)

Describe Aria's personality in 3 words
Goofy, Sweet, Girly

What is Aria's favourite Lacey Lane style to wear?
Whimsy Tops!

What does Aria love doing on the weekend? 
Aria loves to color and play with her dolls on the weekend.

What is her favourite flavour of ice cream?
Rainbow Sherbet #yum!

What is your one styling tip for our Lacey Lane community?
My styling tip for the Lacey Lane community would be to mix patterns! I love the look of mixed patterns and florals, it makes the outfit so spunky. 

Here are a few of our fave Aria pics. xx



  1. aw thank you ladies :) we loved reading this! Aria said "hey that's my name!" when she saw it. and "Yay!!" as we scrolled past each picture :) xx we love Lacey Lane!!!

  2. SUZ731 (Instagram)20 January 2017 at 10:04

    Love❤ following Melany on IG! She has the best pairing of LL so much fun seeing her style such an amazing brand! My favorite that stand out would be her pics of Halloween costume ideas with her LL���� They were amazing!!

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