Monday 2 September 2013

The beautiful face of Brutal Honesty

Pure innocence & Brutal honesty are not often the combination of personality traits I find endearing in people, but out of the mouths of babes the most honest sentiments and innocent questions are often endearing, sweet and incidentally, hilariously funny ..... OR unequivocally mortifying.
As I got dressed a few weeks ago my three year old, London ... Looked at me with a face like she'd just stood in dog poo, a scrunched nosed, "ewwww yuk" type expression that accompanied the question "Mum! What happened to your tummy, it's very yuk", as she pointed to my stretch marks. I explained that these bad boys were in fact caused by her and her brother (and the removal of 39 excess kilos of McDonalds, KFC & chocolate cake I had once devoured) ... With a look of great confusion and a tone similar to the one you'd use to thank a person who'd just given you the WORST present ever, London said ..."ohhhh sooo beautiful". I had to laugh, it was brutal honesty covered up with an attempt at awkward flattery in the most innocent way possible.
It was that same innocents that nearly made me curl into the fetal position and keel over, when London pointed to a rather large woman at the hospital and said with great tenderness "awww you have a baby in your belly".... She didn't & she probably wanted to cry a little bit, but she laughed it off & I tried my hardest to crawl inside myself or dive into the nearest open hole!

I think (...okay, I HOPE) it must be the age, my one year old son Kairo is more kung fu panda meets spider monkey, than brutally honest or inquisitive. However, if I'm being honest, Kairo doesn't say much of anything (he takes after his father) so to be fair, once he's over the leaping from any/all furniture or flat surfaces, there is plenty of time for sweet conversations and cheeky observations.
London's conversations aren't always cringe worthy, in fact, often more than not her matter of fact comments are normally sweet enough to make your teeth hurt.
As we got ready to leave the house this morning she told me I was her best friend & held my hand while smiling so big her beautiful brown eyes disappeared and yesterday as she stole muffin out of Kai's hand she thanked me for giving her a little brother that was so good at sharing.
It's funny how often I find myself wishing I was on a reality TV show, purely to have a camera there ready to capture these ever occurring moments of sweetness & hilarity in our life.
If I ever want to truly know if my bum looks big in this or if my make-up is too much, I know I can go to a curly haired, brown eye'd, 3 year old beauty, that's more honest than a Nun and more Brutal than a bout of gastro on an airplane.
Without batting an eyelid London can inform me the sausage roll I just bought tastes disgusting, while we're still in the bakery or point to the doctor an announce " I don't like this man", but, she can also be the best big sister & number one helper of all time. Very regularly I am thanked for making a really yummy lunch (of vegemite sandwiches) and more recently London has proclaimed to people (both known to us and otherwise) that she loves her parents so much *insert awwwww sound*
So until we "meet" again, I leave you with some wise words from my modern day, miniature Buddha ... "Sometimes I really love you mum, but when you won't buy me chocolate, dads my favourite" Take a stroll down Lacey Lane & sit for a minute with Blogs by Tilly.
Love + Lollipops.
T x

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