Monday 2 September 2013

Tilly - our wonderful new blog lady :)

Have you just scrolled the pages of the new Lacey Lane website and found yourself in an awkward head tilted position making noises like ‘awww’ and ‘ohhhhh’ .. I have! The new collection is bigger and better than any before it, which leaves me gobsmacked at how the sister act and team terrific behind Lacey Lane continue to blow minds and set trends. Each season the girls step it up and just when you think they could not possibly create anything cuter, they present the next range of fashion forward, totally fabulous pieces.
Your probably wondering who I am and why I’ve suddenly appeared on the Lacey Lane website. I’d love to say it’s because I have amazing design savvy or sewing ability, but both would be outright lies, I once stapled a button back on my husband’s work shirt and in grade 10 sewing, I struggled with the pattern for a pillow case .. I am Lucky enough to find myself as a new, small part of the Lacey Lane team, thanks to the incredible Nikki and Bec, who invited me to blog alongside their new website. It is both incredibly humbling to know that someone other than my mum (bless her cotton socks) enjoys my writing and also crazy exciting to be a part of such an amazing and expanding brand, like Lacey Lane.

So, who am I? My name is Tilly Rose Wirihana, I am a 25 year old Mother to two beautiful, inquisitive and cheeky little people who consume my life in the best way possible, my 3 year old daughter London and 1 year old son, Kairo. I have a dish of a husband, who works in the mining industry and led us 3000kms from our home in Brisbane, to very literally the middle of nowhere, to a tiny town in the Pilbara, Western Australia, where we currently reside. I drink coffee by the bucket full, I have an obsession with glasshouse candles, fresh flowers and online shopping and I recently lost 39 kilos and gained a whole new outlook on life. I love long walks around our tiny town, followed by chai latte in the biggest cup possible, I’m studying a Bachelor of Communication, Majoring in Journalism and Public Relations and I hope to one day be a successful business woman, super mum and wife of the year.
I have known Nikki and Bec for going on 5 years now after being introduced by mutual (amazing) friends Cass and Gem. I have been privileged enough to see Lacey Lane transform from humble beginnings to the power house it is today. On numerous occasions I have called on the girls to donate items for various charity events I have worked on and am always so very thankful when they are not only the first to say yes, but to do so happily and with no hesitation or expectation of reciprocity. It is my hope to provide a hilariously funny, incredibly witty and totally modest view on all things Mum, Wife, Babies, Life and of course Lacey Lane.
Keep your eyes peeled for the first official blog and don’t forget to head over and like the Lacey Lane facebook and instagram pages if you haven’t already. So take a stroll down Lacey Lane and sit for a minute with Blogs by Tilly.
Love and Lollipops.
T x

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