Thursday 17 April 2014

A little about LL at the mo.

Hi All,

We thought we'd write a little update so all of you beautiful fans can understand a bit more about where our business sits at the moment.
To begin with, we are completely overwhelmed with what feels like an overnight boom in the business.  Less than a year ago we were still hand making everything in our home office's and with the help of some local sewers. In July last year we released our first manufactured overseas items and up until only a few months ago, in February, we were growing at a steady pace. On March 1st this year everything had literally blown up and was so crazy we expanded and moved into our first studio and hired some lovely staff. It has been full steam ahead.
We were on track to release our Winter Range with the help of a new fabric supplier who could meet our new demands, when we realised we had put our trust in the wrong person. We ordered and paid and then we were ripped off our entire Winter fabric range. We had to just count our losses, take it as a lesson learnt and start from scratch again.

This set our Winter release date back months and meant that we had to use older fabric stock that was only a limited amount which we had on hand before the boom. These are the limited styles like the Jada Dress that you are all seeing now. While organzing the production of the limited items to simply get you guys some stock, we also jumped straight back into business and found another fabric supplier. This means we had to get new fabrics printed and dyed which takes time.
Im very sorry to those who have missed out because of the supply and demand issue. Rest assured we are well aware of the issue and we have been trying our hardest to rectify it. We cannot thank you all enough for the support and for helping us get to where we are today.
We are hoping that on our next drop of items in the next few weeks there will be enough for everybody.  We don't want to and never intended to create a brand that is exclusive. Our goal is to make our brand readily avaialable to everybody so that every little girl can have a little bit of Lacey Lane.
Nik & Bec

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