Saturday 19 April 2014

Easter Festivities

With just 1 more sleep until the Easter Bunny arrives, I'm always interested to know how other families celebrate the most glorious of chocolate indulgent holidays. Is it a religious day? One filled with Cadbury Creme eggs and sore bellies? Bulk seafood? Or all of the above?
As a child I spent a large portion of the days leading up to Easter prepping myself like an athlete, preparing to engage in an extensive marathon of chocolate eating, that would no doubt leave me physically and mentally exhausted. But in true form, I would push through the pain barriers to ensure I completed the challenge like an absolute champion, several kilos heavier & with teeth that felt sore & rubbery, from the sugar causing cavities.
As a parent, I still get excited for the Easter bunnies arrival, but for a totally different reason. The absolute, unequivocal joy it brings the tiny people in my life! For the first time last year my eldest understood what was happening & as she woke on Easter morning & saw the egg trail & "bunny foot prints", her chubby cheeks were pushed back to her ears from how huge she smiled at the thought a cute little fluffy bunny had been in our house and left chocolate and gifts!
Yes, I did say gifts & before you think I'm .. I mean, the Easter bunny is spoiling my kids, he's actually helping me minimise the bulk chocolate in take & the 3 hour tanty from the sugar high, come down!

My mum actually did a really fabulous job of making us feel like we had done super well from the Easter Bunny, without overloading us with chocolate. However, I also did a really good job of distracting my younger brother and sister with a "is that the bunny over there", sneaky hand in basket, switch your eggs into mine, type scenario.
I decided I wanted my children to enjoy the excitement of the Easter bunny visiting, without a sudden need for daily breakfast chocolate. Instead of a basket filled with only chocolate eggs, I've also asked Mr Bunny to supply Dora & Diego toothbrushes, Easter Craft and colouring books!
At nearly 2 and 4 years of age, my children are yet to comprehend that a toothbrush at Easter is totally lame and like wise they aren't absolutely certain that the crayons that come with their colouring books are edible or not & more importantly, the kids are so little, they may or may not notice that Daddy is tapping them on the shoulder & then stealing a cheeky egg or two when they turn around.
I don't think it matters if your kids will be getting a lot of eggs, a few eggs, no eggs, boiled eggs, a tooth brush, or even a little something from Lacey Lane from the Easter Bunny, the day will still be one filled with wonder & full bellies for big and small!
So whether you will be enjoying a religious break, a chocolate overload, seafood feast or just the perks of a long weekend, make sure you not only eat, drink & over indulge, but most of all enjoy quality time with the ones you love and of course, stay safe!

Tilly Xo

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