Tuesday 28 April 2015

I am that Mum!

Imagine you have taken the morning off to attend your child’s easter hat parade, You make your way into the school hall and find a seat in the 5th row. Its a pretty good spot with an ok view of the stage. There is a spare seat next to you and a group of others filling the seats to the end of the row. A lady comes into the hall, you can hear her heals clopping on the wooden floor as she makes her way to the seat next to you. She shuffles her way through the crowded row saying sorry to each person she passes and squeezes in next to you. She is excited, she starts talking to her friends next to her about how cute her kid is going look in her easter bonnet and about how she hopes her child runs well in the cross country. The parade starts and the Easter shows begin. The first class gets up to sing a song, the excited lady stands straight up with her phone in her hand and starts cheering, dancing and recording the performance. She squeezes past you to get to the front of the stage to get a better position. The performance ends and the lady gets closer again to take photos her kid. She makes her way back to her seat, squeezing past you again and plonks herself down next to you.

Another 4 performances come and go and each time the same thing, she gets up and squeezes past to get a better spot then squeezes back into her seat. The Parade ends and the lady is still just as excited as she was in the beginning if not more. This lady seems slightly insane and very over the top……. That lady is me!!!!
I NEVER thought I would be that mum, but I totally am! I’m the mum that kisses my girls all over their faces in front of their class, I am the mum that runs along the sideline while my kid runs the cross country screaming "GO RUBI! DON'T LOOK BACK, YOU GOT THIS IN THE BAG", I am the mum that makes sure my kids sight words level is up there with the top of the class. I am a competitive, over the top, embarrassing mum.
The thing is I know that I am this mum but I don’t think I can tone it down. It’s like a fire within me that needs to be let out. And sure, my kids will be asking me to drop them off a block away from the school once they are old enough and maybe then I will reassess my ways but until then I apologise in advance to the other parents because I am just one PROUD Mummy. xx

Ps. Mia just started gym and she is frikkin AWESOME.... uhho... maybe another blog to come LOL.
Bec xx


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