Monday 8 February 2016

Snacky Snoos | Puff Pastry Pizzas | Quick, Easy & Kid-Friendly Recipe

The kids are back at school and we're settling into our school day routines nicely but I won't lie, I could definitely do with more hours in the day! (Am I right Mamas?!) Between Mia's gymnastics and Rubi's acro classes, we're dashing in and out of the house a lot so I'm always on the hunt for wholesome snacks that are super easy for me to whip up. Nik's delicious Puff Pastry Pizzas are definitely a winner when it comes to quick, easy and super delicious snacks that the kids go nuts for. You can fill 'em up with anything you like and you can even whip up a big batch and freeze for cooking in the arvos.

Let us know your delicious combos in the comments below! Bec x


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