Friday 17 June 2016

Freebie Friday | Printable Father's Day Card

Sunday is Father's Day for our international friends. Ours here in Aus isn't until September, which for me this year will be pretty spesh. You see, it'll be about a month before my first bub is due, which means my baby daddy will be oh-so close to officially becoming a father. Squeeeee! 

I swear I'm not usually the mushy type but my lady instincts have a mind of their own at the moment. They go into overdrive when I think about my husband doing daddy things with our babe. Gahhh my ovaries! Mamas, tell me you can relate?!
(P.s. please don't go telling him I said any of this. I have a reputation to uphold!) 

So Happy Father's Day to all our Laner dads and dads-to-be around the world for Sunday!
With LL love from one slightly over emotional mama-to-be and the rest of the LL team 

Free Printable Father's Day Card by Lacey Lane
Simply save the image below, print, cut and fold. Voila!
Amy xo


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