Monday 17 October 2016

Introducing Chapter Two of the Golden Collection!

We're so excited to launch this collection. Here's a little bit behind the inspiration and where Chapter Two has stemmed from.

As children we grew up in a time of imaginary play. Our world was big and our dreams even bigger.
We would play out on the street with the other children in the neighbourhood until the sun would go down. As the day turned to night we would hurry on home with our clothes covered in dirt and on our faces, a smile. Life was innocent, pure and exciting.

We wanted this collection to be about those adventurous childhood memories we look back on with fondness. A sound, a scent or a cuddle from someone special; whatever our trigger, we're instantly transported back to those magical days filled with pure joy and wonder.

We, as mummas, have the potential to enkindle these sparkling moments for our little ones. To create their unforgettable memories. These are their golden days.

Just imagine the possibilities ...


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