Thursday 28 July 2016

6 Laner Styling Hacks You Need To Try!

You guys know how much we love a good Laner Hack, so we've rounded up our favourite styling hacks for you to try at home. 

1. The Ol' Dress as a Skirt Trick.

We've been crushing on this style hack for a long time now. It's a great way to get years out of dresses your Laner has grown out of, simply by converting it into a cute-to-boot skirt.

Izzy wears: Violet Blouse + Emmi-Belle Fairy Dress + Cream Belt

2. The Ultimate Travel Tip!

When we saw this Laner Hack on our Facebook page, we were BLOWN A-WAY! Pre-plan your Laner's go-to Lacey Lane outfits for your holiday and tie them up in neat little bundles with a headscarf. CA-UUTE!

And here's a super cute way to pack the matching large bows for your cutely bundled outfits!

3. The DIY Dress or Puckersuit

It's been a while since we released a puckersuit, but you can create this look at home so easily by pairing matching puckers + blouses. And who doesn't love Hunter on Hunter?!

Izzy wears: Hunter Blouse + Hunter Suspender Skirt + Patty Suspenders + Connie Headscarf

Juno on Juno with a cream belt and Paisley headscarf. 

4. The Collar Top Conversion

Want to add a huge dose of vinty cuteness to your dress? Pop a collar top underneath, pop out the peter-pan collar and voila! What was a quirky Chester dress has become a vintage-inspired collared dress.

Izzy wears: Chester Dress Josey Collar Top + Grey Dot Tights +  Brown Frank Cardy

5. The Sneaky Suspender Skirt Tie

Collar tops and Suspender Skirts, Shorts or Puckers are made for each other. Have you tried plaiting your collar top straps into your suspender skirt straps? We love this quirky Laner Style hack.

Izzy wears: Raven Suspender Skirt Josey Collar Top + Sienna Large Bow

6. The Double Headscarf

Try wrapping two complimenting headscarves together for a different look.

Izzy wears: Hunter BlouseMae Headscarf + Lotti Headscarf

Do you have any Laner Styling Hacks to add? Comment below, mummas.
LL love from Bec + Nik


  1. Big bows as bow ties!!!! Works for boys and girls i just love this one. <3 hollie

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