Thursday 7 July 2016

Winter Layering: Bec's Top 5 Tips for Winterfying Like a Pro

It's Winter holidays here in Brizzy and the girls have been coming into work with Nik and I. Their game of the week has been trying to sneak bow clips onto our clothes without us noticing... :| haha. Needless to say we all needed to get out of the office for a bit! So we headed outside to explore a beautiful creek area nearby.

The girls had an absolute ball! It was a cold, blustery day but with some winter layering, they were toasty warm. The Winter chill isn't my fave but I do love me some layering! Here are my top tips to Winterfy your Laner:

  1. Frank is Your Friend - The Frank cardy is a soft thick knit so it's perfect to warm up in when the weather gets chilly.
  2. Tights + Boots For Toasty Tootsies - This one is great for extending the longevity of summery clothes in general. Adding tights to a Hattie dress or some super cute puckers means you'll get year-round wear out of your faves!
  3. Old School Stylin' - I LOVE the pairing the long sleeve neck tie blouses or #LaceyLaner tops under dresses on my girls. It gives such a vintage vibe and it adds that much-needed warmth during the winter months.
  4. Cover Little Noggins - A stylish bowler hat or a Willow rabbit dress hood works a treat for keeping little Laner noggins warm.
  5. Layer Your Layers - I'm obsessed with layering the Vegan Fur Vest over Frank! It not only adds extra warmth and cuddly softness, but it's super stylish to boot <3
Ru wears Hattie Dress, Brown Frank Cardy, Vegan Fur Vest & Honey Troupes (available in-store)
 Mia wears Harriette Blouse and Laner Jeans
Check out our Winter Warmers Collection for some more Winterfy inspo.
Bec xx


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