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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pretty Halloween Pumpkins!

Here at Lacey Lane we like to do things a bit differently. With Halloween just around the corner we thought we'd mix things up in the pumpkin decorating department. Instead or carving we took to painting. The girls loved making their pumpkins pretty this year!

Why not help your little Laner pretty up a pumpkin! 

Gather the following supplies...

A pumpkin | Thick white paint | Paint brush | Paper confetti 

What you'll need to do!

1. Gather your supplies.
2. Give the Pumpkin a quick wipe down.
3. Start painting your pumpkin.
4. Once you've finished painting, quickly stick the spots on while the paint is still wet.
5. Let your pumpkin dry.

And VOILA you've got your pumpkin sorted just in time for Halloween!


Monday, 17 October 2016

Introducing Chapter Two of the Golden Collection!

We're so excited to launch this collection. Here's a little bit behind the inspiration and where Chapter Two has stemmed from.

As children we grew up in a time of imaginary play. Our world was big and our dreams even bigger.
We would play out on the street with the other children in the neighbourhood until the sun would go down. As the day turned to night we would hurry on home with our clothes covered in dirt and on our faces, a smile. Life was innocent, pure and exciting.

We wanted this collection to be about those adventurous childhood memories we look back on with fondness. A sound, a scent or a cuddle from someone special; whatever our trigger, we're instantly transported back to those magical days filled with pure joy and wonder.

We, as mummas, have the potential to enkindle these sparkling moments for our little ones. To create their unforgettable memories. These are their golden days.

Just imagine the possibilities ...


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

September's Photo-A-Day Challenge!

Oh how time flies! Can you believe it's already September? 
Let's slow down the clock and make memories with this months 
#LaceyLanePhotoADay challenge!

Each day there's a different word for you to interpret in your own Laner way.
Check out the list of prompts below to play along. Make sure to upload to Instagram and tag #LaceyLanePhotoADay and #LaceyLaner for a chance to be featured on our feed. Get snapping!

We can't wait to see what you come up with for this month xx


Thursday, 28 July 2016

6 Laner Styling Hacks You Need To Try!

You guys know how much we love a good Laner Hack, so we've rounded up our favourite styling hacks for you to try at home. 

1. The Ol' Dress as a Skirt Trick.

We've been crushing on this style hack for a long time now. It's a great way to get years out of dresses your Laner has grown out of, simply by converting it into a cute-to-boot skirt.

Izzy wears: Violet Blouse + Emmi-Belle Fairy Dress + Cream Belt

2. The Ultimate Travel Tip!

When we saw this Laner Hack on our Facebook page, we were BLOWN A-WAY! Pre-plan your Laner's go-to Lacey Lane outfits for your holiday and tie them up in neat little bundles with a headscarf. CA-UUTE!

And here's a super cute way to pack the matching large bows for your cutely bundled outfits!

3. The DIY Dress or Puckersuit

It's been a while since we released a puckersuit, but you can create this look at home so easily by pairing matching puckers + blouses. And who doesn't love Hunter on Hunter?!

Izzy wears: Hunter Blouse + Hunter Suspender Skirt + Patty Suspenders + Connie Headscarf

Juno on Juno with a cream belt and Paisley headscarf. 

4. The Collar Top Conversion

Want to add a huge dose of vinty cuteness to your dress? Pop a collar top underneath, pop out the peter-pan collar and voila! What was a quirky Chester dress has become a vintage-inspired collared dress.

Izzy wears: Chester Dress Josey Collar Top + Grey Dot Tights +  Brown Frank Cardy

5. The Sneaky Suspender Skirt Tie

Collar tops and Suspender Skirts, Shorts or Puckers are made for each other. Have you tried plaiting your collar top straps into your suspender skirt straps? We love this quirky Laner Style hack.

Izzy wears: Raven Suspender Skirt Josey Collar Top + Sienna Large Bow

6. The Double Headscarf

Try wrapping two complimenting headscarves together for a different look.

Izzy wears: Hunter BlouseMae Headscarf + Lotti Headscarf

Do you have any Laner Styling Hacks to add? Comment below, mummas.
LL love from Bec + Nik

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Winter Layering: Bec's Top 5 Tips for Winterfying Like a Pro

It's Winter holidays here in Brizzy and the girls have been coming into work with Nik and I. Their game of the week has been trying to sneak bow clips onto our clothes without us noticing... :| haha. Needless to say we all needed to get out of the office for a bit! So we headed outside to explore a beautiful creek area nearby.

The girls had an absolute ball! It was a cold, blustery day but with some winter layering, they were toasty warm. The Winter chill isn't my fave but I do love me some layering! Here are my top tips to Winterfy your Laner:


Monday, 4 July 2016

Outfit Inspo | Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to our lovely US Laners! We know it's not *quite* the 4th in the USA yet but it is here so we're sending you good wishes from the future! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your family and friends xx


Thursday, 30 June 2016

July Photo-A-Day Challenge Kicks Off Tomorrow!

Did you know that July is Ice Cream Month? Around LLHQ that's something we think is worth celebrating!! And what better way to celebrate than a #LaceyLanePhotoADay challenge!

Check out the list of prompts below. To play along, interpret the daily prompt in your own Laner way, upload to Instagram and tag #LaceyLanePhotoADay and #LaceyLaner for a chance to be featured on our feed. Simples!

I can't wait to see the creative snaps you come up with!
 Bec xx

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